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Coin safes:

Choosing a safe for coins will depend on the quantity of coin or change being used in a business. You can browse our range of domestic safes Ireland for secure storage of coin/change up to €5,000. Cash amounts higher that this will require a safe from our commercial safe range.

Coin-Stor by APT:

One product that every business can benefit from is the Coin-Stor by APT. This unit can be used alongside your main change safe. The Coin-Stor has eight separate shelved compartments, one for each denomination of coin. This feature allows the user to clearly identify each coin type. The Coin-Stor also has a ninth compartment. This has a door, lock and key with a postal slot above the door.

A common procedure for using Coin-Stor would be:

  1. Coin-Store is installed in a common staff area.
  2. The cash office manager takes the required amount of coin (up to €2,000) for the forthcoming shift/day from the main change safe and loads into separate compartments of Coin-Stor. The cash office manager has one key for the main Coin-Stor door and both keys for the internal small door.
  3. The checkout/floor manager or supervisor has the other key for the main door.
  4. As the day goes on and change is required, the supervisor has access to the Coin-Stor without accessing the cash office.
  5. For example a bag of €2 coins and a bag of 10c coins are needed. The supervisor takes the equivalent value of coin required out of the relevant till in notes and opens the Coin-Stor. The notes are deposited into the locked compartment and the bags of coin are ‘bought’ from the Coin-Stor.
  6. Requirements for coin continue through the day and the procedure for getting change is repeated as necessary.
  7. At the end of the day, the cash office manager can open the Coin-Stor and collect any remaining coin and also the notes from the locked compartment. These notes and remaining coin will balance to the amount that was deposited that morning.

This system allows a trustworthy recorded method of keeping tills afloat with change throughout the day without the risk of tills not balancing or staff having to leave the shop floor regularly for change.

Till Lockers:

Till Drawer lockers are available in the following standard sizes:

Till Lockers Dimentions HxWxD (mm)  
2 Door Till Locker    240 x 265 x 500  
6 Door Till Locker 240 x 265 x 500  
12 Drawer Till Locker 605 x 605 x 490   
24 Drawer Till Locker 1120 x 600 x 490  
8 Drawer Till Locker    1120 x 480 x 490  
16 Drawer Till Locker 1220 x 930 x 490  
12 Door Till Locker With Back Door 540 x 830 x 580  

The two door till locker modules can be built into any configuration. up to 4 modules tall and 6 modules wide. We can also customise any unit to have a single or double back door so that the till locker can be installed through the wall of the cash office.
Contact us for a quotation.

Cash Handling Machines:


Supplied with our industry leading 5 year box-swap warranty service as standard. Since its launch in 2004, the CountEasy™ has established itself as the most reliable count by weight machine available today, and as the preferred choice of many leading retailers & banks.Simple and easy to use straight from the box.Preprogrammed automatic counting sequences for ease and speed.Auto-add and scroll lets you count a full till drawer without touching a single key, in less than a minute.Fully portable, operate with mains or battery.


Perform cash counting tasks quickly & accurately to maximise time & resource. Automated reconciliation of multiple tills removes the element of human error and the need for recounts. With a non-volatile memory and a 12 hour battery life, MultiCount™ ensures till data from up to 50 tills can be counted and safely stored, even in the event of power failure.Stores data for up to 50 tills and/or cashier ID's.Keyed entry facility for reconciliation of debit and credit card balances.Auto-add and scroll lets you count a full till drawer without touching a single key, in less than a minute.Download till data automatically to a PC via an integrated data link.

Magner 35D / Magner 75

The new design of the model 35 and its new features continue to make it the industry's standard in basic counting and simplicity of operation. This well established high quality and most reliable machine will continue its dominance as the world's #1 selling currency counter.

The 75 series is also available. The 75 series currency counters offer performance and productivity over a wide range of applications. Choose from a basic model with variable batching to the most advanced and versatile operational product of them all: value counting of almost any currency with accurate detection of forgeries.

Counting speeds: 600, 1200 and 1500 notes per minute (selectable).

Document size limits: 50 x 90mm to 100 x 185 mm (1.97 x 3.54" to 3.94 x 7.28").Hopper capacity: 500 circulated notes.Stacker capacity: 150 notes.Error detection: Double, chain, half-note, jam (standard), Counterfeit suspect (optional).

Magner 150

The new model 150 desktop currency sorter with reject pocket offers increased productivity through continuous operation. Standard features include the ability to count and sort mixed denominations for both US Dollars and Euros, while at the same time providing the latest in counterfeit detection technology. Count Dollars, Euros and Local currency.Denomination & CF count - up to 1,000 notes/min. Simply count - approx. 1,500 notes/min. Denomination detection: Full image sensor.Hopper capacity: 300 notes.Stacker capacity: 200 notes.

Reject capacity: 100 notes.Counterfeit detection: UV, FL, MG (Magnetic Thread Detection), IR.

Counter Cache™

Security has always been important in the design of the CounterCache™ range. Often imitated, these robust POS security products continue to hold their position as the retailer’s first choice products for cash protection. There are over ½ a million CounterCache™ units protecting an average of 1 billion dollars in global retail every day.Increases POS security, removing the cash removes temptation of till snatches & internal shrink.

CounterCache™ removes the need to perform time consuming till skims.Streamline cash processes with the use of the inner transportation cassette & security seals.Integrated note restrictor prevents 'fishing' from the unit, once a note has been inserted it can only be removed with a key.

Dual key access adds to the robust metal construction for secure storage at the POS.An integrated vertical note stacker makes for a simple operation and provides excellent note presentation.

Counter Cache Intelligent®

The CCi brings note validation, data capture and secure storage to the front line at the point of sale, allowing your cash to be processed more quickly, less expensively and more securely. Once a banknote has been deposited into the CCi, the cash does not need to be touched again until it reaches your cash centre or bank.Tested in May 2010, the CCi detected 100% of all known UK forgeries. With a JCM note validation head, this level of performance can be kept permanently up to date. The CCi captures every cash handling event and provides both live data and a full audit trail of all cash handling activity from the POS.

The CCi is mounted beneath the till counter for "out of sight" secure storage and can either be networked or interrogated via a portable hand held (PDA) device. The CCi has saved individual stores over 20 cash office hours per week, eradicated cash errors, stopped all forgeries and has delivered ROI in under 6 months.More info: Hear how Wilkinson cut cash handling by 75% with CCi.Increases POS security, removing the cash removes temptation of till snatches & internal shrink.CounterCache intelligent® removes the need to perform time consuming till skims.Streamline cash processes with an end to end, one touch solution.Four way note acceptance giving speed of operation and customer flow, notes are instantly validated using 40 point optical validation technology.Notes are instantly counted providing a time-stamped data log 8,000 transactions and operator events are automatically recorded giving full accountability and a complete audit trail.CCi is completely configurable allowing it to be integrated easily into any retail cash flow process. Supplied with Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB or RS232 serial link it can also be linked in to POS and store network.


Volumatic manufacture a range of secure cash trolleys which will allow you to transport cash securely around your premises. There are a number of different designs for use with cash cassettes, till drawers, bagged coin or TruPouch™. All have a robust secure construction with dual locking and anti-fish mechanisms, and all trolleys can be fitted with alarms to maximise security for your staff.Secure robust construction.Available with alarms for added staff security.Dual locking with anti fish mechanisms.


Fast and accurate forgery detection at the POS is easy with the TruScan electronic forgery detector, the unit will detect 99% of all know GBP and Euro forgeries, with its compact design it will fit in easily at the POS and protect your store cash take against sophisticated forgeries.Automatically redirect forgeries back to the customer with a 0.5 second/note detection speed.Uses four known methods of detection for instant protection of your profits.Auto add feature will count the notes as they are presented.


The TruSort™ is a value coin sorter that offers basic functionality for low volume coin sorting. The machine will count and sort over 200 coins (approximately £50) per minute, whilst keeping a running total and count by denomination. It has a hopper that will hold 350-400 coins and a small footprint which makes it ideal for desktop use. Both £sterling and €Euro versions are available.Counts over 200 coins per minute.Hopper capacity 350-400 coins.Available in £sterling or €euro variants


The TruCoin™ is a high performance volume coin sorting machine with coin recognition and validation sensors designed specifically for the UK market. The TruCoin will sort at 600 coins per minute and has a hopper capacity of 1500 to 4000 coins. The machine is available with optional extras including an extended hopper, bag hangers, an integrated printer and a trolley. The TruCoin can also interface with other equipment through an RS232 port.Counts and sorts 600 coins per minute.Hopper capacity 1500-4000 coins.Available with extended hopper, bag hangers, integrated printer and trolley.Can interface with other equipment.Training and installation included.

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