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Key lock 

A high-security key lock comes as standard on all our new and pre-used safes. Subject to a free survey, we can install a secondary lock on your safe. If you lose a key and you have a spare, we can call at your site and cut a new key on the spot. If you’ve lost your safe keys entirely, we can provide you with a quotation to get your safe opened and reconstruct the locking mechanism complete with new key lock.


Time clocks

Time clocks are set each time as required before the safe door is closed. For example, if the safe is being closed at 7pm and does not need to be opened again until 9am, then the time clocks are set for 13 hours. During this time the safe cannot be opened, even with the key or code present, as the time clocks cannot be over-ridden. Time clocks provide excellent overnight protection safes in the event of the keyholder being taken outside working hours to open the safe .


Combination lock

A mechanical combination lock can be fitted instead of a key lock, or, depending on the type of safe, it can be fitted as a secondary lock. Combination locks are ideal when there are multiple users of the safe, or when carrying a key is not desired.


La Guard Digital Lock

There are two options – 33e and TL-11. The 33e can be programmed to operate a 1–99 minute delay. The TL-11 can be programmed to operate as per the 33e or as a time lock for up to 99-hour lockdown. Both digital locks can be fitted to most safes instead of a key or as a secondary lock, depending on the safe.


Kaba 525

This is a dual action time-delay and time-lock digital lock. It can also be pre-programmed to operate at designated opening and closing times, allowing the user ultimate control of access to the safe. Again, the Kaba 525 can be fitted as the primary lock or, depending on the safe, operate alongside a key lock.

deposit-safeThere are five types of deposit options:

  • Envelope slot
  • Rotary deposit
  • Housed rotary
  • Drawer deposit
  • Safe-linK cash tube deposit

envelope-safes safes-deposit draw-safes

Call our sales team today to discuss which deposit option would work best for you.

Internal coffer

We can carry out a free survey on your safe to assess its suitability for an internal compartment. This can be operated by key or digital lock and have a postal deposit slot if required. A popular use for an internal coffer is to act as a receiving safe for pods from the Safe-linK cash tube system. This keeps the pods and the day’s takings separate from coin or other items within the safe.

Shelves and drawers

We can carry out a free survey on your safe to assess its suitability for having extra shelves or drawer compartments fitted. Most of our new and pre-used safes from size 2 up come with at least one shelf.

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