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Safes Ireland & Dublin

Safe-linK has been developed with the customer in mind. We carry out a free and thorough survey and security consultation to ensure you select the right system and safe for your needs. Whether you have a small corner shop, major supermarket or a niche business, Safe-linK has a tube system and a safe for you.

Safes Ireland: Safe-Link by APT- Safe Systems

Tube System in ActionIn today's economy, security is more important than ever. At APT we have a saying that sums up the importance of cash security and how important it is to have the right products: "When times are good you, you mind your money. When times are bad, you mind your money even more!" When businesses are struggling to remain open, what cash there is coming through the tills is even more valuable to them now than during boom years. This is why it's important to invest in the security of your cash.

APT specialise in:

  • Safe-linK Cash Tube Systems
  • Commercial Safes
  • Domestic Safes
  • Data Protection Safes
  • Pharmacy Safes
  • Underfloor Safes
  • Coin Management Safes
  • Strongroom Doors
  • Ballistic Glazing
  • Cigarette Storage
  • Locks and Accessories

Safe-linK cash tube systems are the most secure and efficient way of transporting excess cash from the tills directly into a locked safe. Click here to see Safe-linK in action or call our sales team for a free survey and consultation.

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