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Safe-linK Cash Tube Systems - Manufactured in Ireland!

The cash security solution for today!

What is the Safe-linK cash tube?

Safe-linK is a one-way air tube system designed to help cashiers remove all surplus cash from the till, by transporting bank notes, credit card vouchers and cheques directly into a locked safe in a secure part of the premises using an air vacuum.

How does the Safe-linK cash tube work?

The cashier loads a canister with the surplus cash and inserts it into the sending station of the system. The system controls start automatically and deliver the canister directly into the safe.

How do retailers benefit from the Safe-LinK system?

  • Safe-linK is the modern and secure way of transporting cash from point of sale to a secure area or safe in a separate part of the building.
  • Safe-linK reduces staff costs, especially during busy periods. Two or more staff are often needed to carry cash through the shop floor.
  • Total costs can be offset against profits.
  • In a small shop, forecourt or family-run business where there is a single till and operator, the cash can be deposited directly into a safe in the office without leaving the shop floor.
  • The key holder doesn’t have to be on the premises to ensure the cash is secure in the safe.
  • The office or strongroom door doesn’t have to be opened to deposit surplus cash.
  • The 50, 63 or 90 mm tubing used to transport the cash can usually be fitted in a false ceiling and the motor is located outside the cash office so it can’t be heard.
  • There is a choice of fully automatic or manually operated Safe-linK systems on offer.
  • Installation can be carried out to suit a customer’s particular trading times and with a minimum of inconvenience.
  • The Garda Crime Prevention Unit recommends our Safe-linK system for any business that deals with cash.
  • Safe-linK reduces the risk of external robbery, with the associated risk to staff. It also keeps internal theft to a minimum.
  • Additional stations can be added as business requirements change.
  • Safe-linK uses 21st century technology and is designed and manufactured in Ireland.
  • Hundreds of staff hours per year can be used on other jobs, rather than spending needless time walking to and from the safe.

To see how a Safe-linK cash tube can save you money and protect your income, see our amortization chart or contact us for a free consultation visit and survey.

Where can the Safe-linK cash tube be used?

Safe-linK is suited to any location where cash security is a premium. This includes very busy supermarkets with many tills, as well as small family-owned corner shops where perhaps there may only be one person present. The Safe-linK cash tube makes sure that cash in the till is kept to a minimum without having to leave the till unattended. Safe-linK is currently providing peace of mind for internal cash transport solutions to the following businesses:

  • Supermarkets
  • Service stations
  • Convenience stores
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Banks
  • Pharmacies
  • Nightclubs
  • Pubs
  • Credit unions
  • DIY stores
  • Pet shops
  • Gift shops
  • Tourist attractions
  • Department stores

The possibilities are endless. If you have cash in a till and you need it to be in a safe then you need a Safe-linK cash tube system!

Return on investment:

Security is a direct cost to every business, but by choosing the right security products and services it is possible to see a direct return on your investment.

The Safe-linK cash tube system links the checkout area directly to a safe in the cash office or secure room. The cost of installing the system is not prohibitive and the direct benefits are immediately apparent.

In a retail premises where there is €10,000 turnover per day and every €200 over float value is deposited in the company safe, 50 return visits are needed from the point of sale to the safe. Even if the journey takes only 1 minute, this equates to almost an hour per day. If the journey takes 4 minutes, the daily travel time increases to nearly 3½ hours!. Most business owners would prefer it if these hours were more productive.


Reduced risk and losses:

In the event of a robbery the risk to staff and till equipment is reduced as there is only float value plus a maximum of one lift (say €200) in the till. The losses are equally reduced due to the low level of cash in the till.

Other benefits:

  • The key to the safe doesn’t have to be on site.
  • Cash office staff are not required for deposits.
  • Floor staff don’t have to enter the cash office.
  • The risks of ‘skimming’ are reduced.
  • Overall security is improved.

Owners/manager benefits:

The Safe-linK journey takes just a few seconds – but the peace of mind lasts for ever!

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